Past Events

50th Anniversary Celebrations

October of 2014 was the 50th anniversary of the new church.

See the History section for pictures from through the years.

The Osiligi Maasai Warriors

The Osiligi Maasai Warriors are a troupe of traditional Maasai tribe performers from Southern Kenya who regularly tour the UK to raise funds for their village and for Christian Aid.

The 8 strong Warriors

The Osiligi - which means 'hope' in the Masaai language - came to North Parish Church as part of our 2014 50th Anniversary celebrations and delighted a packed hall with their singing and dancing. The Masaai are also renowned for their spectacular jumping and got members of the audience up on stage with them for this part of the show.

Their UK organiser and chaperone Jim Wilkie gave a talk beforehand on the more serious side of their work and the Osiligi charity ( which works to provide clean water through the installation of pumps (and the education of how to fix previously provided pumps that have now fallen into disrepair), provide education for children by providing schools and equipment, and promoting the important sponsorship of children from poor families through school so that they can raise themselves from poverty.

More can be learned of their tours and work from their website :

Christmas Services

Christmas Services are a special time for us

Easter Services

We run a successful week of Easter Services.

Items in the first picture remind us of what went on during the Crucifixion. Nails and a hammer used to crucify Christ, dice that the Roman soldiers used to gamble for who would get Christ's clothing, 30 pieces of silver, and a bowl for when Pilate washed his hands.

The Close Shave Singers

We hosted an event with the Close Shave Chorus, a group of singers who perform a cappella tunes, barbershop 4 part harmonies, and old time tunes.

They filled our hall with their voices and had many a toe tapping with their good time feel good show.