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External Links

The links on this page are to external sites. Although we check these out as best as we can we cannot control the content on these.

Sometimes sites change or additional content is added that we may not necessarily recommend.

Please bear this in mind when browsing any of these.

The Church of Scotland


Reverend Alex B Noble


Our Minister has his own website where he hosts audio copies of our services, along with his own exterior work reaching to the wider local (and world-wide web) community with his radio show broadcasts, Thoughts for the Day, E-Books, pamphlets for enhancement of your spiritual and physical well-being , and YouTube channel broadcasts.

A fantastic resource and of enlightening and entertaining material that can assist in enjoying and respecting the lives we are given, and also dealing with some of life's harder aspects.

Church of Scotland Home Insurance


Church of Scotland Home Insurance can provide competitive quotes for your buildings and contents home insurance, with the added assurance that you are dealing with and ethical provider. Also when you take out a new policy they will donate £20 to your congregation as a Thank You.

Our Daily Bread


This site publishes a daily devotional thought for the day that we on the web team enjoy.

See below also for links to Smartphone and tablet apps. (The login function on these apps is not a requirement - it enables syncing across devices, but is not necessary for use of the app)

Brighten your day with a daily reading.